Best Flooring Options For A Conference Room

Daylight seeping in boardroom

Conference rooms are the space for meeting with potential employees, stakeholders and clients. Because of this, the design concept cannot just be ignored and that includes your flooring. You need to choose a selection that will make a good impression and fit in with the overall aesthetic of the room design. While the durability should be considered when choosing the flooring it isn’t as important for a conference room as they have less foot traffic than the main areas of the office. The design needs to be the main concern for a conference room or venue. The conference room maybe is intended for various purposes such as those for hire, self-owned corporate functions, solely meant for client meetings, workshops, training, etc. Choice of flooring for the conference room needs to be catered according to these needs and the budget allowance and scope of business.

The main flooring types that work best in conference rooms are: carpet, wood and LVT. There are other types of flooring that work just well such as the following.


This is a LEED friendly more modern flooring that is seamless. It is very durable, and the design is very versatile. It offers you limitless designs and colours and is perfect for those businesses that want their logo patterned into the flooring. It is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a lifetime of value. If it is installed and the maintenance is kept up to it can last for decades.

Wood finishes

Wood flooring or wood-look tiles are like engineered hardwood and solid hardwood and the type that lock together have a very professional and elegant look that works well in lobby and conference rooms. The hardwood isn’t as cost-effective as the other options, but it offers a classic look and works well with the certain design scheme. The engineered hardwood is an environmentally friendly alternative to the real hardwood flooring, and it offers the same design benefits and durability. Most corporates choose this option as their go-to due to the convenience it provides. Yet again, it depends on the best option you may feel fit for your business.

Luxury vinyl tile

Vinyl tiles are a great option for office applications. It is very durable and versatile and hardly any work at all to maintain. It has many different design options and with so many different finishes you will find something that works in well. It can go in staff rooms, lobbies and guest rooms. However, it doesn’t just work well in a conference room. This is due to reasons such as having a slippery surface for the table and chairs to be placed over. Usually, it is best if the conference room has solid, low friction causing flooring such as carpets or hard stone texture, which would make the meeting held in the room a lot more professional and ideal. Vinyl tiles also make cleaning easier! You can clean up office mess with a broom or with a vacuum cleaner. This is something to consider because you would rather prevent having to contact a pest control service to get rid of pests like ants or mice that have decided to call your office home.

Empty board room


Carpet tiles and broadloom carpet is a good option for durability and sound absorptions which work well for conference rooms if there is role-playing or people are quite loud during a meeting. Carpet is very pleasing on the eye and it is environmentally friendly not to mention durable also. The broadloom carpet is a cheaper option but isn’t as easy to look after as the carpet tile is. Carpets also require regular maintenance and cleaning. The upkeep of carpets in conference rooms are quite expensive and need to be followed up with quite often. If not, it can cause severe damages to the material and also harm the health of the employees or clients due to excess dust, dirt and food trapped within the carpets that pests love. It would be a good idea to organise a regular corporate pest control services to inspect your office spaces to prevent unwanted pests that you might not hear running on the carpet.

Quarry tile

The quarry tile is the industry for commercial conference spaces and has remained so for decades.  It provides you with lifetime value and it is quite cheap to install and very durable. Due to this option being easy to upkeep and maintain, most small businesses who wish not to invest huge amounts into their floor work pick this as their go-to option. This type of flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean and it can handle heavy foot traffic and spills that may occur which is why it can also be well suited in kitchens also. The best alternative option for the same is terrazzo tiles.

You need to take into consideration what happens in the conference room meant for hire or independent commercial functions.  Will, there be a lot of food and drink spills, heavy foot traffic or doe sit get loud in there and some carpet for extra soundproofing could be an option for you. Also, take into consideration the maintenance needed and lifetime value. You don’t want to be installing flooring that will only need to be replaced a few later you don’t need the expense nor the time-consuming worry about getting it installed and messing up the business.